Illustrations for Shimaguni,a novel by Francesca Scotti.
『Shimaguni』(Francesca Scotti 著)/ Bompiani
イタリアのBompianiから出版されたFrancesca Scottiさんの『Shimaguni』の装画と挿絵を描いています。
I have illustrated and done the binding and illustrations for Francesca Scotti's Shimaguni, published by Bompiani in Italy. The book is about the various islands of Japan.
According to the myth, Japan was born by divine will from a spear dipped in salt, and the lumps of salt that dripped from its tip when it was pulled out formed the first island. This tale restores to us the essence of an archipelago country made up of islands large and tiny, populous and uninhabited, hospitable and inaccessible that contain stories full of beauty and mystery. Fragments that retain their individuality while being part of a more complex whole.
The journey of this atlas from snowy Hokkaidō to tropical Okinawa is made up of truths, and true are the islands - history, nature, geography, culture -, narrative their exploration. Leading the way are imagined voices that make accessible even those territories that are not and evoke traditions, ancient rituals, battles.
Readers will see iconic places such as Itsukushima, from whose waters rises the great vermilion torii, or lesser-known ones such as Fukuejima, where children turn into dancing foxes on the occasion of the obon. The vivid writing of Francesca Scotti, who has made Japan her second home, and the evocative illustrations of Uragami Kazuhisa, whose style fills the eyes with enchantment, gracefully and respectfully restore the life and spirituality of a country that never ceases to fascinate.

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